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  • Lenghtenings
  • Rebuildings
  • Refittings
  • Overhauls
  • Repair Work
  • Measuring
  • Tests
  • Environmental protection
With its high standard of quality, its expertise and 24/7 service, BREDO has earned an excellent worldwide reputation among shipping companies.

Perfectly positioned for your projects.

With first class infrastructure in Bremerhaven.

Within the German Dry Docks Group, BREDO is your competent partner for all ship repairs and alterations in the dock. Located in the maritime heart of Bremerhaven, we offer individual solutions that convince with efficiency and speed with the utmost care.

We offer our customers exceptionally substantial and versatile capabilities. At our shared site in Bremerhaven, we work closely with our partners German Dry Docks, MWB Marine Services and German Ship Repair within our group. Our cooperation has created a powerful centre of expertise.

Since February 1, 2017 German Dry Docks AG (GDD), BREDO® Dockgesellschaft mbH (BREDO) and Mützelfeldtwerft GmbH & Co. KG form a shipyard alliance under the umbrella of the German Dry Docks Group. The shipyards preserve their independence and continue to trade in the market with their names. The aim is to harmonise the business segments with a cross-site dock planning. Customers of all three companies benefit from the common higher flexibility and dock capacity. The shipyard alliance is an important component in order to offer repairs in Germany at the same prices but with even more service.

Our centre of expertise in Bremerhaven

Your address for technical-maritime services from a single source