The location

  • Latitude: 53° 33.5' N
  • Longitude: 8° 33.2' E
  • Time zone: GMT +1 hour
  • Summer time: GMT +2 hours
  • UNLOC code: DEBRV
  • Dockstra├če 19
    D-27572 Bremerhaven

The location

Bremerhaven is located 32 nautical miles from the North Sea. The navigation channel is lit, the depht of the channel up to the mouth of the River Geeste is 13.5 m (LAT). Radar support (VTS) and pilots are available. Panmax ships with a draught of more than 12.8 m and Post-Panmax ships with a draught greater than 12.7 m are dependent on the tides.

Bremerhaven is on of the largest towns on the German North Sea coast. The main transhipment items, in the harbour areas, are containers, vehicles, fish, fruit and additionally passenger services. BREDO and its partners help to make Bremerhaven one of the most important shipyard locations in Germany.


Comfort Hotel Bremerhaven

Am Schaufenster 7
Approach: Herwigstraße 1
D-27572 Bremerhaven

Tel. +49-471-9320-0
Fax +49-471-9320-100

Hotel Haverkamp

Pragerstraße 34
D-27568 Bremerhaven

Tel. +49-471-4833-0
Fax +49-471-4833-281

Amaris Hotel

Elbestraße 18
D-27570 Bremerhaven

Tel. +49-471-902077-0
Fax +49-471-902077-100

Atlantic Hotel Sail City

Am Strom 1
D-27568 Bremerhaven

Tel. +49-471-30990-0
Fax +49-471-30990-500